- Maria Concetta Cilluffo
Maria founded C3 in 2013. It is a non-profit organization that was formed in memory of Maria's older sister, Caterina "Kathy" Cilluffo, who passed away from Hodgkins Disease in 2003. C3 serves primarily as a 3rd party fundraiser and gives back in both care and cure promoting wellness. Maria is a natural born leader who is results-oriented and has diverse entrepreneurial experience. Along with establishing and nurturing C3, Maria has been focused on real estate related ventures. Her hands-on experience in the business world has allowed her to thoroughly understand what it takes to be a successful business owner and investor. She has valuable real-world experience and understands the importance of micromanaging budgets and overhead while not compromising on delivery and quality. Her work ethic along with her zest and passion are what leave Maria unmatched among her peers. Maria will always be involved in business but her real dream is to give back, carry out her philanthropic mission, and continue to inspire through her sister's memory and legacy. She strives to make the world a better place and ensure that she is sending out the message that life needs to be enjoyed not simply endured. Maria was only 12 years old when Kathy was diagnosed. She spent the majority of her adolescence at her sister's side while she courageously fought her battle with Hodgkins. "I can truly sit here and tell you after 10 years the biggest tragedy in my life has turned into the biggest blessing; defining me and building such character. This growth and healing process is all possible through tremendous faith and trust in God's will and Kathy continually shining her light down."

- Erin McCloskey

In December 2012, following a business trip to Peru, Erin McCloskey began to adopt tools and techniques that would assist her in maintaining her authenticity and prioritize her well-being while facing challenges in her role as business director. Her exposure to the healing arts, Qigong, tai-chi, meditation, breathing techniques, Chinese medicine, and naturopathic medicine inspired her to pursue a path in greater alignment with these concepts.

Erin has been with Medtronic for 9 years and is the Marketing Director for Aortic and Peripheral Therapies, Asia Pacific. Her responsibilities include international physician engagement strategy with a clinical focus. Erin is a member of the integration team, focusing on the structure of the international commercial organization for Peripheral Vascular. She led the design and implementation of the global sales training strategy for the commercial organization as well as implemented cultural agility sessions for employees globally.